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Cerebral Palsy Statistics

About 500,000 to 800,000 people in the U.S. have cerebral palsy, making it the most prevalent developmental disability in the country. About 5000 infants and toddlers and 1,200 - 1,500 preschoolers are diagnosed with cerebral palsy each year. Here are some more CP statistics.

  • Between two and four out of every 1,000 children born are affected with CP
  • About 10,000 babies per year in the U.S. will develop cerebral palsy
  • More boys are born with CP than girls, by a little over 30%
  • Roughly 50% of people born with CP are premature babies
  • Over 50% of children with CP have leg weakness
  • Nearly one third of children with CP cannot walk
  • About 30% of children with CP are paralyzed on one side of their bodies
  • Nearly one third of children with CP have severe learning disabilities
  • Nearly two thirds of people with CP have normal or superior intelligence
  • 25% of people with CP have seizures
  • 25% of people with CP cannot feed or dress themselves
  • One in nine people with CP may also be Autistic
  • One in eleven are legally blind
  • One in 20 have tremors
  • One in fifty people with CP are deaf
  • The average lifetime cost of CP is over $900,000

Children with cerebral palsy will require special medical care, education, therapy, and equipment, sometimes for their entire life. Many will go on to live active independent lives. Others will require a lifetime of 24 hour care and supervision. If your child developed cerebral palsy as a result of medcial negligence, you may be entitled to compensation which will help your child get the care that he or she needs and deserves.

Cerebral palsy is often the result of a birth injury caused by medical negligence. If your child suffers from CP, contact an experienced birth injury attorney today.


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