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Defective construction law typically involves a design mistake or a deficiency in the planning, supervising, inspecting, or overall construction of a home or commercial building.

Construction defect claims include floor and ceiling failure, noise intrusion, soil subsidence, wood rot, and many other potential claims. If you believe your domestic or commercial structure is defective, contact a construction defect lawyer in your area to evaluate your claim.

The first step in bringing a lawsuit is to find a defective construction lawyer in your area, or you will most likely need to pursue a lawyer who practices in the state where the structure was built. Your next step will be to meet with the attorney you have chosen and evaluate your claim in order to determine whether you should pursue a lawsuit.

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Disclaimer: The information throughout The Personal Injury Directory is not intended to be or to replace legal advice. The information throughout The Personal Injury Directory is intended to provide general information regarding construction defect law. If you are interested in bringing a personal injury lawsuit, contact a defective construction attorney in your area.
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