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Erb’s palsy is a preventable birth injury, which affects the shoulder, arm and hand. Proper monitoring and detection of risk factors during pregnancy gives health care providers the opportunity to take preventative measures. Problems associated with Erb’s palsy can include:

  • Rotated arm
  • Winged shoulder blade
  • Flexed elbow
  • Downward sloped shoulder
  • Loss of feeling in shoulder, arm and hand
  • Paralysis of shoulder, arm and hand
  • Hand which does not function properly
  • Atrophy of the deltoid, biceps, and brachialis muscles
  • Shorter than normal arm


Erb’s palsy is the result of injury to the brachial plexus, a bundle of nerves located in the shoulder area. Sometimes during childbirth the baby’s shoulder gets wedged behind the mother’s pubic bone. This is called shoulder dystocia. When shoulder dystocia occurs, pushing or pulling the baby out of the mother can cause damage to the brachial plexus. There are many known risk factors which doctors should be looking for during pregnancy including:

  • Obese mother
  • Above-normal weight gain during pregnancy
  • Advanced age of mother
  • Short or small mother
  • Flat, contracted or exceptionally small pelvis
  • Diabetes in the mother
  • Large baby
  • Overdue baby
  • Prolonged labor
  • Breech position


If risk factors are detected early enough a caesarian section can be performed to prevent shoulder dystocia. During delivery there are several methods that can be performed to remedy shoulder dystocia and prevent injury to the brachial plexus including:

  • The McRoberts maneuver, involves placing the mother’s thighs on her abdomen 
  • Suprapubic pressure, using pressure from the outside of the mother to reposition the baby
  • Wood’s corkscrew, reaching in and rotating the baby to free the arm
  • Removing the posterior arm from the birth canal
  • Rolling the mother from her back onto all fours

Some cases of Erb’s palsy can be successfully treated. Physical therapy and exercises are usually recommended. In cases of severe damage, surgery is required.

Erb’s palsy can be prevented. If you or a loved one has had a baby who suffers from Erb’s palsy you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an experienced Erb’s palsy attorney today such as Trief and Olk Attorneys at Law in New York and New Jersey.

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