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The legal profession is an important, dynamic industry. It is constantly changing and evolving, while continuing to embrace legal traditions. The evolution of the industry prevents it from becoming obsolete, and insures a legal system that serves everyone equally. With the constant changes, however, legal professionals must constantly remain knowledgeable. Legal Associations are the means for insuring that all legal professionals are knowledgeable and able to best represent the honorable system of justice in the United States.

The term “legal association” refers to a wide variety of organizations, comprised of legal professionals that work to enhance the legal system. Many provide services to their members. Commonly, these services include educational opportunities, chances to network with other legal professionals, and access to legal publications. Some associations are mandatory. These “bar” associations control lawyers’ ability to practice law. They are also responsible for disciplining any incompetent or immoral actions of lawyers. Many associations also provide services to members of their communities.

The following links provide access to legal associations in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Trial Lawyers Association

New Hampshire Bar Association

New Hampshire Law Library



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