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South Carolina Judicial Department

The United States legal system has a structure that has proved effective for over 200 years. It is successful due largely to the judicial branch of the government. This branch is responsible for the administration of justice to all citizens of the United States. Within the branch, courts review legal matters whenever there is a discrepancy between public or private parties. In fact, personal injuries lawsuits are settled within the United States judicial system. The courts are impartial, and therefore can offer the fairest, unbiased decisions based on United States laws. Although the national system is the basis for all state courts, South Carolina has unique laws and therefore needs a unique court system.

The South Carolina Judicial Department Online offers everything you need to know about the legal system in the state of South Carolina. Links are available for access to the appellate courts, trial courts, the district court, the state supreme court, and other important South Carolina judicial organizations. The South Carolina State Judicial system is dedicated to the maintenance of the high level of judicial excellence in South Carolina.

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